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Article | Automate Equipment Maintenance

Automating and streamlining maintenance with Mobil Serv℠ Asset Management

Construction operators are embracing digitization. Since in-person inspections are limited for health and safety, businesses are exploring and integrating new digital technologies to improve productivity and reduce long-term costs. 

Despite these digital growths, few technologies improve maintenance processes given that much of this work traditionally requires manual attention.

In March 2020, ExxonMobil launched a digital solution to help address this gap. The first-of-its-kind program, called Mobil Serv℠ Asset Management (MSAM), is a cloud-based solution that helps operators organize, automate, and streamline all maintenance-related activities. The app combines work and data streams into one system, providing operators with improved collaboration and more control over their assets.

MSAM combines multiple features into a single system, including:

  • Platform flexibility and customization: This platform offers a cost-effective alternative to CMMS and ERP systems, which are siloed and unable to collect/analyze all maintenance-related data.
  • Real-time lubrication recommendations: By combining equipment performance data with insights from Mobil Serv℠ engineers, the platform delivers lubrication technology and processes recommendations to help improve equipment performance, reduce lubricant consumption, and lower energy costs.
  • Task management tracking and workflow visualization: The platform allows maintenance and production team leads to manage and assign tasks in real time, improving team collaboration, building accountability, enhancing results tracking and creating visualizations for workflows.

Beyond lubrication, MSAM provides broader maintenance-related assistance, including production tools, safety and compliance tracking, time tracking, and training resources. MSAM also ensures all your information will be protected with the latest in cybersecurity technology.

The Mobil™ team strives to grow and change with the industry so it can play a role in saving your maintenance program time and money through digital advancements, like MSAM.

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