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Product Overview | Mobiltrans™ AST

Mobiltrans™ AST Series

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High-performance drive train and hydraulic fluids engineered for all-season performance, keeping your equipment protected no matter what the weather has in store.

The Mobiltrans™ AST semi-synthetic drive train and hydraulic lubricants are the next generation of high-performing lubricants for heavy-duty construction equipment. Formulated to protect sensitive transmission and hydraulic components, these oils are designed to maintain optimum viscosity under a wide range of temperature conditions and extend oil drain intervals beyond OEM recommendations.

These lubricants are suitable for use in a wide variety of equipment that requires TO-4/TO-4M type fluids and applications needing strong micro-clutch performance—and can ensure long life for critical hydraulic components, gears, and friction disc materials.

Mobiltrans AST series lubricants are available in three different viscosity grades, so regardless of whether your construction fleet operates in cold or hot climates (or both), the Mobiltrans AST series of lubricants can be the ideal solution to protect your equipment.


Mobiltrans AST series provides several benefits to your construction maintenance operations.

Product Consolidation
Mobiltrans AST series lubricants can be used in a variety of components and temperature ranges, allowing you to reduce the number of products you need to maintain your equipment and avoid having to do seasonal oil changes.


Mobiltrans AST series lubricants perform well in extreme conditions, helping to ensure smoother shifting and greater hydraulic response. The oil also helps reduce wear and sluggish operations associated with cold startup and maintain viscosity under hot operating conditions which helps prevent overheating and lag in hydraulic responsiveness.

Additional Benefits

The robust formulation of the Mobiltrans AST series helps reduce component wear, prolong seal life, and ultimately improves equipment efficiency. The lubricants are formulated for viscosity retention and oxidation stability, allowing for extended oil life beyond typical OEM recommendations.

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