A high-performance oil-soluble cleaner to improve reliability and reduce cost of operation. Mobil™ Solvancer®

Improve reliability and reduce cost of operation

Quickly address the problems associated with varnish, such as escalating bearing temperature, filter fouling, valve sticking, oil line plugging and more.

Reach extended overhaul-to-overhaul goals

Mobil Solvancer helps with oil life extension, offering protection of more than one year, mitigating the need for more aggressive, short-term options.

Industry-leading performance

Designed for gas or steam turbines, compressors and hydraulic systems, and it does not require systems to be taken offline when used to eliminate minor deposits or in support of oil life extensions (as determined by oil analysis sampling and sampling results).

Compatible with most in-service oils

Gentle on systems and compatible with a wide range of oils, including all lubricants and hydraulic oils formulated with API group I to IV base stocks.

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