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You’ve got grease questions, our Mobil Delvac™ pros have the answers

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One of the topics we didn’t cover in the webinar, but still poses a key challenge for many fleets, is grease. Perhaps a lesser-known fact is that most fleets struggle with proper greasing. Grease is a critical component to keep your trucks running strong from bumper to bumper, but they are also complicated and misunderstood. What most fleets are missing is the knowledge about when and how often to grease. Many of them are either greasing too often, not often enough or even incorrectly. If an average fleet learns how to properly grease their trucks, it could improve overall technician efficiency and productivity.

Over the years, we have received lots of questions from fleet managers and technicians on grease. In response, we have had our Mobil Delvac™ experts answer some of your most frequently asked questions on all things grease in a series of short videos. 


Specifically, our experts discuss:

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