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Webinar: Watch on-demand for tips on fleet efficiency and recruiting and retaining top technician talent

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With the technician shortage top of mind for fleet managers, improving technician efficiency and productivity in order to retain top technician talent has never been more important. Operating smoothly gives talented diesel technicians the peace of mind they look for in a workplace. 

In a recent webinar, we discussed the technician shortage's root causes and how you can combat them to continue to manage your fleet effectively using preventative maintenance best practices.

What we’ll discuss

  • Addressing the shortage of qualified entry-level technicians needed to support the trucking industry.
  • How small and mid-sized fleets that may be limited on resources can take advantage of training and maintenance programs to significantly free up technician time.

Today’s speakers

  • George Arrants, ASE Education Foundation Vice President
  • Paul Cigala, ExxonMobil CVL Applications Engineer and a Chair of the Technology Maintenance Council S.3 Engine Study Group
  • Marcus Myers, Gulf Relay Senior Director of Fleet Maintenance

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