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Offer | Double Your Drain Challenge

Are your vehicles in for the long haul?

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Take the Double Your Drain Challenge to find out. 

To get the job done, you need a lubricant that improves uptime, your bottom line, and the longevity of your fleets’ engines. You need our newly launched Mobil Delvac Ultra™ 5W-40 EP or the Mobil Delvac Modern™ 15W-40 EP. By taking the Double Your Drain Challenge you’ll see how our lubricant:

  • Cuts oil consumption in half

  • Extends oil drain intervals up to 2,000 hours

  • Improves your equipment's overall performance 

money bag
Lower operating costs
Use less oil by cutting consumption in half.
Greater fleet uptime
Fewer oil changes means more time to get the job done.
Refund is available if drain interval cannot be extended.
Formulated for safety and sustainability
Less oil waste, and less employee/oil interaction.

Our newly introduced diesel engine oils can help your equipment to run longer and stronger, guaranteed, or your money back*. Check out our product lineup below to see which oil fits your fleet’s needs and enter the Double Your Drain Challenge today.


Mobil Delvac Ultra™ 5W-40 Extended Performance

Advanced Full Synthetic

  • Oil that provides extended Oil Drain Interval (ODI) potential up to 4X the average OEM ODI recommendation or up to 2,000 hours*
  • Up to 45% more wear protection than required in API engine tests
  • Unsurpassed thermal and oxidation stability†

Mobil Delvac Modern™ 15W-40 Extended Performance

Premium Synthetic Blend

  • Oil that provides extended Oil Drain Interval (ODI) potential up to 2X the average OEM ODI recommendation or up to 1,000 hours*
  • Up to 40% more wear protection than required in API engine tests
  • Exceptional oxidation stability†

* For a fleet that is on a regular OEM recommended 500-hour drain interval.  

† Based on measured viscosity increase in the Volvo T-13 test  

* Qualifying fleets that are accepted by Mobil into the promotion will be supported to double their oil drain interval for qualifying equipment, up to maximum of 2,000 hours. Terms and conditions apply. Contact your local Mobil distributor for additional details.

Get ready for the Double Your Drain Challenge.

You're one step closer to seeing how Mobil Delvac™ will keep
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