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5 tips to recruit and retain top diesel technician talent

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The growing shortage of technicians serving the trucking industry is a critical problem for fleet managers. Without enough trained technicians, maintenance backlogs grow and necessary DOT inspections start to slip, which ultimately causes downtime. But you can keep your fleet on the road and retain great talent with these tips developed with George Arrants from the ASE Foundation. 

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1. Get involved with your local schools.

a.    Engaging with high school and college students can help them understand the rewarding career paths available as a technician and help you become an employer of choice in your area.

2. Re-examine your benefits package.

a.    Go above and beyond the basics. Show your commitment to your employees and their careers.

i.    Save your technicians a significant expense by paying for a new toolset.

ii.    Offer full ownership of the toolset after your technicians have been with the company for an established period, giving them an incentive to stay.

3. Have a skills-based approach to hiring.

a.    Focus your hiring decisions on the skills that a candidate has. Consider incorporating a skills assessment into your hiring process to ensure that the candidate has the right skills and understands where there may be areas for development. 

4. Invest in employees’ continuing education.

a.    Consider offering time off and tuition reimbursement for off-the-job training. 

5. Build a mentorship framework.

a.    Today’s work culture requires proving commitment to employees’ growth to keep them interested and passionate about their work. That’s why from day one, it’s important to partner a new employee with an experienced employee, so new hires can learn from the best.

b.    However, if you’re too squeezed to start this program, your maintenance providers may be able to assist with the training and resources. When you plan for longevity, you can have a big leg up in keeping top talent.

For more information on recruiting and retaining technicians, access our webinar about how you can navigate through technician-retaining challenges.

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